Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainbow & Olive Bugger

In honor of the fly that has hooked into a ton of fish in my life, here is a pen and watercolor sketch of a Rainbow Trout & the Olive Woolly Bugger that took him.
My last fish I hooked into had a bit of blood in his mouth so I added this element to the sketch. Just more proof that Buggers kill trout.

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Bigerrfish said...

wow! touchy subject. your right about their being a risk there but, I have stuck some ridiculous sized hooks in way too small of a fish and havent killed one with a bugger yet, buggers for me is a go to, hell mary, for a big fish.
cut a few midges off, that were stuck the throat, but I have removed more flies from other fishermen than I have left stranded like that. Fish that bugger joel, it's working. on time sets, will keep the hook in a safe spot in the lip.