Thursday, July 1, 2010

Negative Flies

Here are a bunch of flies sketched out and photographed in the negative.
I also need to apologise. For those that follow this blog, you might have noticed a lack of substance in most of the recent posts. No fish photos, no trip reports.  Well rest assured that those kind of posts will be arriving soon. Coming in the month of July I plan on doing quite a bit of fishing and with any luck I will have more to blog about than just a painting or a sketch a day.  But for a few more days the art will have to do. Enjoy...


Bigerrfish said...

Man I really like this one.. at first It looks like blue paper, scratches showing up white..

I clicked on it to see the larger version.. and there really is, alot to look at...

I love the spinner doin a tail stand!!

well done!!

You know I'm rooting for ya on the stream.

Mike Sepelak said...

When you get ready for some of that there fishin', drop me a line. I'd enjoy sharing a stream with you sometime.