Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life On The Mississippi & A Random Fly

Did some more fishing on the good old Mississippi and landed a few more of these sheep head or drum as they are commonly called. Now I grew up fishing these waters;Ive spent most of my 7th-9th grade years exploring the banks and backwaters and have seldom remember catching these fish from the backs in such numbers without landing a bass or a catfish. I know they are out there now in big numbers and I guess the ecosystem has changed since I was a kid. I also hear now that those funny (and incisively annoying) flying carp have also made their way to the 'Old Man'. Scary stuff.

Now you might also be wondering whats with the windmill. Well the town I grew up in is about 70% Dutch and German. Our town holiday is Dutch Days for crying out loud. So it is appropriate that they have a windmill. Authentically Dutch, this massive wood structure was made in Holland and shipped over piece by piece. It grinds local grains and corn and sells its flour. It is on the the banks of the river and is truly the pride of Fulton Illinois. What does this have to do with fly fishing? Nothing...

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Bigerrfish said...

what does it have to do with fly fishing?...

well Dejong posted it on his fly site (theres 1)
there is water in the painting, (2)
and looks like the dude standing on the deck, is scouting for feeding fish.