Friday, July 23, 2010

Brown Fox & Therm-a-Rest Gear Review

I had put off purchasing a sleeping mat for quite a while, justifying my reluctance with the stubborn pride I had for 'roughing' it on my overnight sojourns into the back country. Boone and Crockett never had a pad so why should I, right? Well after a previous trip into the wilderness I was left with a sore back, little sleep, and a realisation that if Boone or Crockett had access to a high quality sleeping pad for their hunting trips, they darn would have it in their pack.
So just before I set out on my last overnight trip to my Chattooga stream side back country site I broke down and purchased a Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad.
It packed nicely down and had very little carry weight (just over 2.5lbs). What a great purchase and worth EVERY penny! No sore back, No aches, and a full nights sleep to recharge before hitting the stream again. If you haven't tried these pads and have been searching something to add a bit of comfort your next backpacking trip then try this product.

The one I used was the BaseCamp model which I got for about $60 but if you are looking for something bigger or smaller they come in a variety of sizes and comfort levels. Check out their selection and let me know if you agree that they are the best mat out there.


Leigh said...

I have similar mat. I've used it on all sorts of trips. It takes about 3 breaths to inflate and fits nicely insides a rolled up sleeping bag.

I just bought a hammock and want to try it on a camping trip as well. The mosquito net may be a hassle, but it should be fun.

Unknown said...

Ive seen a hammock that has a slit in it to slide in a sleeping pad and it looked REALY comfortable. also helps to keep the hammock flat and not so bannana shaped when you sleep. I love this pad!