Friday, May 14, 2010

Flies On Approach

Here is three flies on an approach plate. For those that do not know what an approach plate is, it is a navigational aid pilots use to get to an airport runway.  I thought it was an interesting concept to put flies circling for landing so there you go.
I'm hoping in the next few days having s few paintings up but for the past three days I've been working my tail off.


Colorado Angler said...

Ha! Clever - my instructor got me into the habit of calling them APes, which always made me smile. Something about apes/monkeys that is always humorous.

Great piece - hard to tell who's on approach and who's on their downwind, but then again, I don't assume the flies are always flying eye first???

Feather Chucker said...

That is pretty clever, I guess what would be cool to is to have a map as the back ground then a line to a location showing where the flies were most effective.

Unknown said...

Some times its hard to tell where some pilots are going as well, and some times it seems even a few pilots don't know which leg their on...;-)

I'm going to have to come up with something like that for my home waters or something like that. Might be a good TFF regional piece?