Monday, January 28, 2013

Streamers365 Cover Art - The Bloody Marry

  I'd like to announce the arrival of the new edition of Darren MacEachern's Streamers 365 vol #2 complete with cover art created by non other than yours truly.  Last year Darren set out on a quest to post a new streamer on his site every day for the entire year and with the help of a host of avid and professional fly tying masters he got the job done.
  I started this blog with a similar goal in mind a few years ago when I set out to post a small painted or drawn fly each day for an entire year.  It was a goal I came up with a few days before new years way back in 2009 and it has blossomed into something I could have never predicted.  Mainly I started doing it as a self imposed challenge in an attempt to not only get me back into sketching on a regular basis but also to try and pick up a little added knowledge on my love of fly fishing along the way.  I also wanted to see if I had the fortitude to stick with a project like this for an entire year.
Bloody Marry Streamer by Joel DeJong
Original tied by Davie Mcphail
  In the end I stuck with it - even when the days were tough and the last thing I wanted to do after a long day of traveling was to sit down and sketch out some stupid fly.  As a guy that has gone through a whole year of posting on a daily basis I can assure that what Darren accomplished was not as easy as it might sound.  How he did it with such a consistent quality of post is even more of an amazing feat.  Congrats to Darren and the many fantastic streamer enthusiasts that helped to make this series of blog posts and Books possible.
  When Darren asked me to contribute to this project I was thrilled.  I didn't hesitate one bit and gladly took on the challenge of painting a streamer for this fantastic blog.  After going through countless photos of wild and crazy streamers I ended up choosing the Bloody Marry tied by non other than the Scottish fly tying master and you tube sensation - Davie Mcphail.  If you have some time and want to see a master at work, click over and see Davie's YouTube page and be one of the over 6 million viewers of his crazy skills. (that right- 6 million +!!!!!)
  If you would like to own a copy of your own, check out Darren's site at to order volume 1 & 2 and see just how beautiful a streamer really can be.


Blake said...

kudos to the 3 of you, all professionals in your own right

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That is really cool Joel.

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That's really awesome man!

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We knew you could do it. Nice to encourage others too.

Anonymous said...

Joel, you do some amazing work! Of course, I am not telling you anything you don't already know. Kudos on the great effort!