Friday, January 11, 2013

Fly Friday - Winter Vice Dreams

I had planned to add an article to go along with this illustration but time is at a premium so I leave you on this Fly Friday with only this thought:
  Winter is in full swing and the fishing is, for most of us, just a day dream, so if you have the time sit down at that vice and start cranking them out.  It wont be long till the weather breaks and you are going to need those bugs for browns.  If you are like me, there are countless patterns in the books that clog your shelves that you have never tied or fished so tie them up and anticipate the day you can test them out.  Don't waste your time this winter watching TV or the news and worrying about that tax (Payroll) addition that the government promised wouldn't effect you.  just turn on some Yonder Mountain String Band tunes, sit down at that vice and get to it.  Fill those boxes with as much as they can hold - And if you have a few extra flies you are sure you wont need come spring - send a few my way.  I will be busy with pen and paintbrush in hand dreaming of that Brookie on the end of my line.... that is when I can break away from my day job.


Feather Chucker said...

I'm doing Fly-Carpin's fly swap so I'll be busy.

cofisher said...

You got it exactly right Joel. YMSB and fly tying!

Anonymous said...

Joel, you are right. I know that. Thanks for the motivation to keep tying. If you ever get too much artwork that you won't need you can send some my way. Tee Hee!

Unknown said...

Kevin - One of these days I am going to get in on one of those. Sounds like a good experience.
Cofisher - Rocking the fiddle and the fly! Not a bad night.
Mel - Tie them up and keep them. You are going to need them for that 3 Geezers Fly Shop. ;-)