Friday, January 25, 2013

Jetflow Hydration Review

  The other day I finally had a chance to test out a piece of equipment received from the Jetflow and the Outdoor Blogger Network. I often find myself on a secluded back-country stretch of river far from any source of water.  Usually I bring a bulky backpack with nothing but an extra fly box or two and a water bottle to fill it.
  Every time I needed a drink I had to un-sling the backpack and dig into the pack for the water bottle.  For anyone that has done this in the midst of fishing knows that its annoying and time consuming at best.  Do this dressed in winter gear, in the middle of the river during a hatch and your bound to miss out on a lot of fish and possibly get your gear wet in the process.
  This small pack with its patented Jetflow technology not only gives you a place to hold a few extra pieces of emergency and fishing equipment (boxes and tippet material, ec.) in the small pouch in the back but also gives you immediate access to clean water through a supply tube.
   But this isn't your average hydration pack with a bladder system that needs to be washed out and cleaned after every use.  Those systems have a tendency to 'sour' with age - grow mold or bacteria in the bladder with disuse - but this Jetflow system brings the ease of hydration with an easily replaceable and washable bottle that can be bought at any gas station or convenience store.
   For anyone that is as active in the outdoors as I am, this pack (and the many other styles like it) is the perfect solution for those outdated bladder hydration systems.  If you go on day hikes, go mountain or road biking, canoe or kayak  or go skiing, this pack will be a valued piece of equipment for you  Check them out today and get yours before spring comes.  After using it once I can guarantee that this will be a constant piece of equipment of mine on every day trip!  I highly recommend it.

(I did not receive any compensation for this review other than the equipment itself.  I only recommend products on this site that I find useful and live up to the quality and effectiveness they advertise.)

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