Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Busy Saturday

There isn't much more intimidating and exciting than the stark whiteness of a blank canvas.  It represents unlimited potential while at the same time presenting a wall one must cross to unlock that potential.  Today I barely crossed that wall to paint up a little fly.
One might recognize this fly from Brk Trt over at smallstreamReflections.  It isn't as good as the real thing but it help me pass the morning before the leaves dried out enough to get them off the yard.
The other day a friend and I headed up the mountain to do a bit of fishing on the Middle and Upper Saluda.  He caught two small chubs and a stray sunfish but besides one small trout that swam past me, those were the only fish we saw.  I'm not sure why we failed to spot fish but despite the poor fishing, it was a nice day to get out on the stream.
Also, REI - the quality outdoor sporting goods store created by a small group of avid climbers finally set up shop in Greenville SC.  I spent the early morning waiting in line for a gift certificate, a FREE water bottle and base layer tee shirt, then as an added bonus, $100 free gift card.  Now I just need to find some quality products to spend it on.  REI had some top quality stuff but as all good things, they don't come cheap.  My guess is that $100 wont go very far but it will be well spent.


Blake said...

that sure is a yummy looking fly, both on his site and yours. nice work!

Brk Trt said...

Your art is incredible.
I say one piece is your best, and then you go and top that.