Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chattooga Angler

Chattooga Angler
  Dabbling in canvas painting, I took a little time this morning to paint a simple quick study of a fisherman on my beloved Chattooga River.
  I'm still pumping my body full of vitamin C and trying to kick this cold/flu bug that has set me down but I did feel well enough today to break out the paints for a few hours.  The simple fact is that if I do nothing all day but sleep I feel like I am wasting opportunities and at the end of the day I feel worse than if I got my body moving.  I may not be able to get on my bike and put in a two hour ride but I am well enough to flick paint at a canvass for a few hours.
   Those that follow my work know that my bread and butter is watercolor and that only recently have I branched into attempts at canvass painting.  For this work I forced myself to do it quick and very loose.  I tend to keep my paintings tight and well defined but as I branch out I decided that freeing my style up would be a good thing.  This isn't as finished a piece as I would like but it is a decent study for a subject I love.
    This work is titled 'Chattooga Angler' and it small enough to hang over your desk at only 14x11 in.  Acrylic on Canvass.  It is FOR SALE and as it is just a quick study it is cheap.  Send me an email if your interested.


Apache Trout said...

Get well soon Joel. I'm the same way, I need to feel productive even when I'm sick. Hang in there, A.T.

Bill Trussell said...

Absolute stunning painting, where is the Chattooga located. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

A.T. - Thanks. Gradually recovering.

Bill - Glad you liked it. The Chattooga splits GA from SC in the far NW corner.

Mark Kautz said...

Brother do I understand the flu thing. I'm on day 18 having gotten one strain and then a second one. Glad you're getting better.

MarkW said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Very nice painting! I bet it would make a great watercolor study with a little early morning fog!

Mel said...

You do that "kind of work", and, you don't even feel well. I would have to say that your work, when feeling well must be masterpieces!

Unknown said...

Mark K- Thanks man- Hope your on the mend as well, I pretty much whipped the flu thing but a cold hit me while I was down
Mark - not a bad idea... way to get me thinking.
Mel - many thanks for the kind words as always