Friday, November 30, 2012

Fly Friday - A Few Inked Flies

  I've been doing a bit of traveling this past week and spent most of my free time doodling on a pad of paper.  The results were a few mayflies, fishing flies, and fish (you saw the bass on Wednesdays post).  Here is a fly whose name caught my eye while surfing the net.  It comes from Classic Trout and inspired by a fly from the vise of J.B. Martin.

The Irish Whiskey
Hook Size: 8 - 14 2x 
Thread: Black
Tag: Flat Gold Tinsel.
Tail: Duck Quill of Orange, White and Green.
Butt: Green Peacock Herl.
Body: Flat Gold Tinsel with mid-point of black ostrich herl.
Ribbing: Fine Oval Gold Tinsel.
Throat: Green Peacock herl with Claret, Green, Black and White hackle fibers as beard. 

Wing: Lemon Wood Duck fibers with Claret , Green, Black and White hackle fibers.
    Anyone that loves the history of fly fishing has got to love the look of these wet flies.  Even if the success of wet flies for me is a checkered affair, I respect the look and heritage behind them.

    And then there is the classic streamers. Beautifully simple and effective, flies like this Jungle Cock cheeked Rainbow Trout streamer have proven time and time again that for hooking aggressive trout, the streamer is king.  I leave it to you to decide how to create this beauty.

Have a great weekend...


Brk Trt said...

Well done.
That Little Trout series of bucktails by Sam Slaymaker are killers.

Tom Matt Trout Travel said...

Jak zwykle piękne rysunki ! Pozdrawiam z Polski !!

Unknown said...

Brk Trt - yes they are. you have got to love a good streamer!

Tomek - I am going to have to get a translator for that one but I will venture a thank you and hope you had good things to say. Its still great to hear from the Polish fisherman!

TexWisGirl said...

wow. wonderful job!