Friday, February 3, 2012

The California Quail

California Quail
Encourage at how well my Ring-Necked Pheasant turned out I decided to try my hand at another specimen of the aviary family.

For this one I reached back into my memory of a youth spent in the underbrush and sage hills of the Norther California's Sonora region.  Besides the diamond back snakes that thickly inhabit that area this little forest floor dwelling bird also makes its home.
   I can recall as a child frequently scaring up whole families of these birds from the brush in the forest dry hill sides all around my home.  Even as a youngster I found them fascinating.  Whether it was their distinct calls or that funky puff of plumage they sport on their forehead, I couldn't tell you why but they are just interesting creatures.

     I started this project as most, with a very simple drawing of the outlines and little details that make this bird so special.  I then once again begin to add in the paint layer by layer until I have built a good base layer to start from before dropping in the details.
 "California Quail"
9"x 7"
Watercolor on paper
For Sale via Email


Coloradocasters said...

Masterfully done. Your talents never cease to amaze me. I’ve always enjoyed your art of tied feathers and also enjoying your explorations of the entire bird. Superb.

TexWisGirl said...

i love these birds, but have never seen on in person. really nicely done! (and i like your header, too!)

Anonymous said...

I think I have to have this one, Joel.Mom

Unknown said...

ColoradoC - Thanks so much for the comments and following my randomness is art.
TexWisGrl - Still trying to match your bird drawings, thanks
Mom - You know where it will be.

David McKenzie said...

Any chance I can out bid mom on this? Seriously, let me know! Awesome!

Unknown said...

Dave - my mom already has a bunch of my stuff so I think she will survive loosing this piece ;-).I'll shoot you an email soon.