Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Midgemans Tribute JC 'Green Thing'

Josh over at asked me to paint Midgemans Green Thing - now named the J. C. Midge after nonother than Josh. has done countless flies and is a joy to read but I am usually hesitant to duplicate his flies because its hard to truly reflect his great ties. I am still not to happy with this one and will be trying to improve on my attempt.
If you got a chance, please visit both these great flyfishing bloggers.


Michael Agneta said...

Two great blogs - one nice fly. Good stuff Joel.

Bigerrfish said...

Right on Joel!!! Thanks for this and save it for me for a future purchase!!! I didnt even see it come accross the dashboard..

Unknown said...

Thanks troutrageous
Josh, glad you like it. you got to be quick to catchem on the blogroll, they update fairly every day. 2.5 months to go!!!!