Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Drake & Killbillies Outdoors

What dry fly fisher doesn't like the look the Drake has as its riding high through the eddies of a mountain stream.

Also, I found out the other day a buddy I work with started his own outdoors business out of West Virginia a few months ago. Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping are their areas of interest. Some of the videos on their site are sick - including one linked below, I heard of fishing with your dog but a deer? Click the Holly River Video and wait for this guys Buddy to arrive. Ok, I know this guy is spin fishing but that's not the point (his jig is a hand tied feather streamer if that counts.) That's just cool. Incidentally this is a wild deer and not his pet, he was just fishing when it showed up. Anyway The company Is Killbillies Outdoors So far the site has only been active for a few months but Jason aka Bellyeyes tells me many more videos and products will become available in the coming months. So visit his site and if you feel so inclined, support a good ol' boy grown company...

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