Friday, April 16, 2010

March Brown Spider + Bass

I like the bead on this march brown spider. It adds to the attractive nature of this effective fly.
Also had a chance to wet a fly again on Wednesday at a little pond nearby. It wasn't the first time I've fished for bass on a fly but it was the first in quite a while and I almost forgot how much fun it is, especially when the fish are hitting. A Buddy of mine showed me the spot and on his first cast - crank bait popper - a nice bass hit it like a truck. It was the last fish he caught. I on the other hand hooked up with quite a few on everything from an olive woolly bugger to a small Adams. My buddy was a little impressed. He'd never seen anybody bass fish with a fly rod before. I think the sight of nice bass exploding from the water to hit my hopper might have made him a convert to our noble art... Anyway, It was highly enjoyable and I look forward to doing it alot more often. The best part is it was only a 5 min drive instead of the 50-120min drive it takes me to get to the closest trout waters (which is why those that follow my blog may notice a lack of ACTUAL fishing posted on my blog....) So, don't be astonished if you see more bass than trout start appearing on my blog. I wish I could live in an area where trout were within walking distance but such is life.


Bigerrfish said...

sweet man its the time of year to go for the hungry warm water fish... I'm sending you an email of some secret shit!!! for bass cool?

Unknown said...

Sweet. Looking forward to it.