Friday, February 5, 2010

Dry Caddid #4 + A COLD Day Trying To Fish

Tried to hit a new bit of water today and only caught a bit of frostbite and some VERY sore muscles. On the advise of a SC DNR trout specialist I headed for a section of water hidden back in the SC hills. It was suppose to hold native brookies (as wild as they get in our neck of the woods). I had been looking forward to it for a week so 32 degree weather and a bit of continueous heavy rain wasn't going to stop me. The 6-8 inches of snow, roughly 9.5 miles of strenuous hiking and, and a river over running its banks - Now that just might Stop me right? No way.
After parking at the R- Cliff Falls parkinglot I headed into what I believed was only a 1 to 1.5 mile hike. The snow was heavy and the rain was coming down but the draw of good brookies was to much for me to stay in the car. After about 40 minutes and roughly 2 miles and still not at the water I was begining to dread the walk back since most of the trip up till now had been down hill. At last I reached the water and found that due to the heavy rains and snow melt the water was roaring down in torrents well above its normal banks. I did manage to wet a few flies - Woolly's and nymphs but the overhanging-ice incased branches and rough,fast moving water was to much for anything to last in the water to long. Soaked to the bone and not wanting to try a hike out in the late afternoon, I packed up and headed out.

The hike out was TOUGH. Over all it was a 9-10mile mile round trip Hike mostly due to the fact that I foolishly thought that hiking down below the falls might present me with better fishing. The only thing I got out of that decision was an added 5 miles and 2,000+ foot climb back up the mountain... Oh yeah, and what feels like a pulled groin. Man I am sore.

Lesson for today: When your wife says "Its to nasty a day to go exploring new water. Why don't you stay home." Listen. Maybe next time I will and stay home and work on my fly tying instead and wait till conditions improve before tempting another Bear Grills type adventure.

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Bigerrfish said...

sounds like a bit of a marathon, glad to see you fishin, save some will power for the summer dude!! another nice piece of art by the way.