Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Nose Dace & Ice

First off, if you have never tried the dace (I can only assume most have) go and tie about a dozen of these little beauties and hit your local water. This is my goto streamer!!! I love this little guy, sparce bucktail and silver body (I add a bit of black ribing) with a red but and you'll hit something.
Also, a few days ago I was up in Northern Michigan and had the opertunity to go and do a little ice fishing. It was COLD and windy and the fish were not biting but it was the most relaxing fishing I have ever done. Basicly we got up and drilled a few holes in the 18 inches!!!! of ice droped in a few shiners and set the flags then walked back to the cabin and made breakfast. From the warmth of the cabin we ate our food, watched the olympics, and kept an eye on the flags with the aid of a teliscope. End result was a few tripped flags, some chewed shiners, but no fish. It was fun non the less and look forward to doing it again. (I know it not fly fishing but I believe in being a well rounded sportsman, besided how is one going to flyfish in a hole 6-7inches across.)

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