Monday, March 24, 2014

Painting Tiger Trout

  This morning with a cup of coffee and a bit of time to kill I came up with this painting.
Tiger Trout are one of those rare natural occurrences that hatcheries now use to their advantage.
By fertilizing a brown trout egg with Brook trout milt, these beautiful and sterile fish are born with a very aggressive and predatory nature that allows stream keepers to use them to control fish populations without causing long term harm to the streams in which they are placed.
The colors that hey are born with very as well and can range from the brilliant yellows and oranges of a brown trout to the dull skin color of darker species but the one thing they all have is the unique striping that sets them apart from all other species.

This painting will soon be posted up for sale at and can also be viewed at .  If you would like to know how you can own this original painting then shoot me and email.
"March Tiger Trout"
Watercolor on Paper
10in x 9in
For Sale

Don't forget to enter the contest for a FREE original painting at - Contest ends on the 10th of next month!


cofisher said...

Beautiful Joel. I've only seen them in pictures.

Mel said...

Great work. They are a unique fish for sure out in our area. Have not fished for them, but, it is on my bucket list. Tiger Trout are also used in lakes and reservoirs with good success to control the fish populations.

Apache Trout said...

Awesome Joel! I've managed to catch two wild tiger trout on flies. Both came from streams that aren't stocked. Each had very unique markings and when it comes to a fight they live up to their name,

CARF said...

Beautiful work!

Lefty Angler & Flies said...

I believe there are several lakes stocked with hatchery Tigers in Washington State. I haven't really fished for them. There are some waters in Yellowstone Park where browns and brooks coexist. So someday I might see the natural. I guess dreaming is free. Your painting is sort of dream-comes-true. Keep up good works!