Friday, January 31, 2014

Skull Fishing Graphics

  This might not be your style (it certainly isn't my wife's) but I was tooling around the other day and working on sketching some graphics when I decide to sketch out a skull and cross bones because... well what guy doesn't like pirate stuff.  Come on admit it, when you were a kid (or even later on in life) and you picked up Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island you dreamed of a life on the high seas hunting down Flints gold.
  Well as I sketched this skull out I then decided to make up one killer Fly Fishing Graphic.  With the two tone design for a sticker I thought that this graphic would look pretty bad on the back of some trout hunters truck window.  Imagine driving down the road and seeing this plastered on the back of a window.  Immediate thoughts: That guy is crazy and he loves to fly fish.
    You wont catch this on the back of my trout hunting vehicle but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.
  Well, shortly after I posted this image on G+ I got a number of hits with quite a few emails asking for a variety of backgrounds from shotguns to salt water themes.  With that in mind I thought I'd give you a little variety and shoot out a little redfish and spin rod skull graphic.
   As always - I post these images on the blog for you to enjoy but if you would like to use them for some other purpose such as stickers or anything else please email me for purchasing rights.  Sales of my art is what keeps me from dipping into the old bank fund to buy more fishing gear and as we all know - I love new fishing gear.  SO if you want to use my art please discuss it with me first.


BrookfieldAngler said...

You are kind of bad ass

Just sayin

Anonymous said...

Not my cup of tea. Love to see a bird or two tho.

Daniel said...


Unknown said...

Nick - not really but thanks
anonymous - how about a bird skull
Daniel - thanks

cofisher said...

I guess it's just my advanced age that makes me think, ok that's cool for a kid but not a grown up. But it's still first class.

Unknown said...

Thanks Howard, I doubt you'd ever see Bob Closer or Lefty K ever wearing a design like this on the river either.

CARF said...

Dig it

Unknown said...


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