Monday, October 28, 2013

Silver Creek Apache Trout

  Today I had planned to do about a thousand other things that needed to be done but when I awoke to find rain and drizzle falling outside, my ambition quickly faded away and I decided to get to work on a painting recently requested by a client.
  This work titled "Release Of A Silver Creek Apache" is a spin from my resent painting of a Rainbow Trout being released.  I really liked that painting so it was no surprise when I got an email asking if I could paint a similar painting only with an Apache Trout as the subject instead of the rainbow. My answer - Heck Yeah!
  They also asked if - since it was a gift for an angler in their life that had caught a number of Apache Trout on the Silver Creek in Pinetop AZ - could I replicate the grass and reed choked banks of the legendary stretch of water.  So with greens and yellow pigments in the pallet I eager went to work painting grass.
  I love painting the rare species of American Trout and the beloved and endangered Apache is no exception.  A few years ago I did a series of paintings of rare trout and they must be popular to other anglers out there because everyone of them sold fairly quickly.  Classified as Critically Endangered, this beautifully spotted trout dwells in only a small section of the south western United States.  With its distinct yellow coloring it is a treasure among fishes and I am glad that this painting will serve as a memento to a beautiful fish that was released back into the wild.
  I am going to look into getting high quality Giclee prints made of this one of a kind painting so feel free to email me with requests.

"Release Of A Silver Creek Apache"
Watercolor on Paper
Size - Aprox 14in x 10in
Original Sold
Prints Available Soon


Unknown said...

Wow, that's really beautiful.

The NOCO Nympher said...

Amazing Joel! Talent is an understatement when describing your artwork! The owner of the original will truly have a precious gift!