Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Release Of A Rainbow Trout (Watercolor) Plus Some New Prints Available

  Picking up the paints early this morning I decided that it was a good day to paint a rainbow trout.  After a long stretch working with paints on smooth illustration paper I chose to go back to the watercolor paper for a little more texture.
  Last week I was lucky enough to have some free time to hit the mountain streams for Rainbows and Browns.  That little trip was just what I needed to get back to painting the Rainbow Trout.  Pulling beautiful trout from the Chattooga River in the upstate of South Carolina is an endless source of inspiration.  Needless to say it was not to hard to get started on this painting.
 For this painting titled "Release Of A Rainbow Trout" I decided to go with my ideal rainbow.  Although the your typical young trout are a thing of beauty with distinct color banding and the big monsters are a blast to catch, my ideal rainbow trout is a moderate to full sized trout with stunning red sides, a dark green back, and covered gill plate to tail fin with stark black spots.
  I also decide with this one to do something a bit different for me.  I am always a bit hesitant to paint water.  Attempting to truly capture the colors and flow of lines in painting water is a obstacle I always a bit afraid to embark on. For a guy that paints fish you can understand that this hesitation is a bad one to have so for this one I chose to conquer (or attempt to overcome) that obstacle by painting a rainbow trout being released from the net.  This not only added a better natural dynamic to the finished watercolor but also allowed me to paint some reflections on the water surface.  In the end I think I got what I was shooting for.
Release Of A Rainbow Trout

'Release Of A Rainbow Trout'
- Watercolor On Paper
- Size 13"x 9"

Also, for those of you that have been following my latest paintings of Saltwater species including the Red Drum, Speckled Sea Trout, and Spanish Mackerel, I am glad to inform you that not only are the originals for sale but I have also had a number of gallery quality Giclee prints made up in a 16inx12in size.  They would make perfect wall hangers for those that love chasing these fun fish.  Prints are priced a $60each.  Both the Originals and prints and are available at my other site
Red Drum (RedFish)
Spanish Mackerel
Speckled Sea Trout


Brk Trt said...

Love that rainbow.

cofisher said...

I love the rainbow as well. Very good job on the water. I think I need this one.

Daniel Lefaivre said...

very beautiful!

Unknown said...

Brk Trt - Glad you liked it, thanks

Howard- you had better hurry before I fall in love with it, frame it up, and stick it on my wall. As soon as I do that the price goes up. :-)

Daniel - many thanks.

Josh said...

They keep getting better.