Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Snooks Watercolor - Plus A Few Paintings For Sale

Good news for salt water fishing fans... You are going to see a few more salt fish species on this blog.  Why you might ask?  Two reasons - I am looking at branching out into some uncharted waters and expanding my fish resume and second - I now have a market for them.
  Thanks mainly to a previous customer I was placed in contact with a guy looking to illustrate and provide artwork for a in-shore fishing tournament located in Tampa Bay FL.  After submitting a few sketches and ideas for logos to place on this years shirts the panel decided to go with my artwork.  They have also decided to add a few paintings into the mix as prizes.
I will save you the details and just share with you these most recent painting designed off the illustration I provided for the logo.  'Two Snooks'  Is a large watercolor and ink work done on acid free paper.

   After sketching out the snooks and inking them in I then covered all areas I wanted to save white and began to splash the paint around.  I then went back and began the task of painting the mix of colors one sees from a snook as the light reflects through Florida's salty bay waters.

  For those of you still wanting to see trout I have added a few recent paintings at the bottom of this post for you.  Both are still for sale and I need a new fly rod so If you want to contribute to my fishing addiction, send me an email and we will talk price.

Otherwise - enjoy the rest of the week.

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Mel said...

Stellar work, as always, my blogging friend!