Friday, June 7, 2013

Pedaling Oregon To Carolina!!

  I picked up road biking about two years ago as an alternative to running.  I have never been a big fan of running for fun but riding a bike for 30+ miles, now that is form of exercise I can get into.  I actually feel like I am getting somewhere.  I can see a whole lot more of the countryside and occasionally have the thrill of cruising down a steep hill going over 35mph on a bike.
  So when my wife came home from work a few weeks ago and told me about three brothers that were embarking on a coast to coast summer road biking trip I instantly was enthralled.  And  since I have this platform to share their story I thought it only natural to add this for you all to see and possibly follow.
Calling themselves The Band Of Biking Brothers you can click over to their blogspot site HERE and give them your words of encouragement.  The brothers are the sons of a co-worker of hers and thanks to this internet age they have decided to post their adventure on a blog.  As a guy that is envious of epic adventures like Shackleton in Antarctica or Teddy Roosevelt paddling an unknown river in the Amazon, you can bet that I am going to follow these boys every step of the way.
  Not only is this the kind of journey I love to read about, it also serves for inspiration for me to get on the bike more often.  A year ago I toyed with the idea of doing the tour of Iowa called Ragbrai.  Unable to get my schedule together (or my body in shape) that fizzled but recently I have been looking at a far less ambitious ride.  Biking from the mountains of Carolina down to Charleston SC is a good 2-3day ride well within my ability's and time frame.  Who knows, maybe after my crazy summer is over and the cooler fall weather comes on I will take the inspiration these brothers have given me and launch on my own journey.
Good Luck Boys.


cofisher said...

Wow Joel, that's crazy but I wish you luck if you go. I rode across the street once but fell off halfway and never made it back.

Mark Kautz said...

I used to ride, then I got old. Unlike Howard, I never fell off the bike. They are an energetic bunch, the trip through Yosemite will take them over Tioga Pass which is 9943 feet. A challenge for anyone. Hell, it was a challenge in a car.

Unknown said...

Howard - thanks, that made me chuckle.

Mark - that's true but that entry into that valley might make it well worth it. Beautiful country. I'd be more worried about crossing Nevada in the mid summer heat.