Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abstract Trout Watercolor

Picking up the paints today I decided to go a completely different direction than normal and do an abstract Trout.  Using the brightest colors available and sharp contrasts I came up with a decorative trout with hints of all three of the main types of trout we all fish for.
First sketching this trout with an acid free artists pen I made the conciseness decision to rough it up a bit. I wanted the finished trout to have a lot of rough edges and an overall unrefined look.  I also tried to capture the designs of a Brook Trout, the idea of a Rainbow, and the spots of the Brown Trout.
After the sketch I went to work dropping in the color and working fast to blend the water and pigments before they dried.
Adding a rough fram of black pigment also helped to give this painting a nice look.  You wont ever find a trout like this on the river but it sure would brighten the decor of your room.

Abstract Trout
-  Size  -  7in X 17in
-  Medium - Watercolor On Paper
-  For Sale


Dad said...

Get ready for some good fishing. At the moment most rivers in our area are to blown out to fish. Spring melt has stirred them up.
By July things should settle down. The Gallatin River is 5 minutes from the house with easy access. The Madison in 20 minutes. The Ruby is 1.25 hour drive as is the Upper Madison river outside Ennis. It should be good.
Nice posts lately. You won't catch one that color around here. I did catch a 2.1lb. cutthroat last week. Also caught 4 nice browns. Went lake fishing.

jswilson98 said...

Love the feel of that watercolor. Realistic, but not quite exact. Really beautiful. Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Dad - looking forward to it!

JSW98 - many thanks. I will.