Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Going Native With A Tribal Trout Plus A Trout Logo

   For this weeks art post I felt a little like going back to the pen and ink illustrations mostly because of time constraints.  This Tribal Trout drawing was a product of me learning a new computer program.
   This past week I ran into some real problems with my computer and its inability to do what I wanted it too.  The problem arose when a client of mine needed a certain type of file and size for a few images he had commissioned me to do.  I had completed them and he loved them but the printing company he had doing his tee-shirts and sticker printing discovered some flaws in the digital files that prevented them from printed them.  I'll save you the details since they are quite uninteresting.  In the end the good news is that I now have a computer platform and design software equal to the quality of art I believe I can produce.  The only problem now is I need to learn the ins and outs of this complicated software and as a guy that only really learns by trial and error I set out to use it.  The result is this sweet looking tribal trout.  Hand drawn then fed into the software program for me to tweek till I am satisfied.
    I know what your thinking - What does this have to do with fish?  My answer - Nothing.  But when your fishing trip is trumped by my commitment customer satisfaction, a Tribal Trout is what you get.  If you clicked over here to read about fishing then just keep reading.

    Now the image above does have something to do with fishing.  A month or so ago I was contacted by fellow blogging Hunter/FlyFisherman Steven of  His request might seem odd to some of those out there (including my wife) but to a guy like me that enjoys both FlyFishing and bow hunting it was a perfect fit.  "Can you put antlers on a trout?  You know, make it like a TroutAlope." Steven asked.
    My answer - heck yeh!  After a few weeks of emails back and forth and a few renderings of ideas in the sketch book and this is what you get.  Click on over and check it out.  I can promise you this - this is an up and coming website that you will see around a lot more.  And when you do remember that original Brown Trout with Antlers logo was created right here.


Nate Fordham said...

a white tail brown

Anonymous said...

Being from the Senior Citizen's Tribe, let me be the first to congratulate your artwork of the Tribal Trout! Logo looks terrific, too. We are going to have to work out a deal one of these days!

Mark Kautz said...

Another satisfied customer, I'm sure.

cofisher said...

What a great way to show your skills and stay within the bounds of what you love. Good job Joel.

Unknown said...

Nate - I like it!
Mel - anytime just shoot me an email and we will start brainstorming.
Mark - I aim to please.
Howard - thanks, with this new software you will probably be seeing a greater variety of artwork coming from this blog.

jbalk said...

I love this Joel!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jill