Saturday, March 16, 2013

Announcing The Big Winner

   Well the time has finally arrived.  Time to announce the Winners of the little contest I began last month.  I want to thank all of you for your support and entries into the contest and if I could afford it I would give all of you a little something but unfortunately, just as in life, there are winners and loosers.
Today we hold a celebration to the winners.

    After writing up all the names of the people that entered the contest and adding in all the extras for the additional re-posts and sharing of the contest, I had around 70-80 slips of paper to toss into the hat.  (Actually it was my computer bag)  Mixing it around and stirring it up I reached into the bag and pulled out three names.

    From third to first the winners were drawn.
3rd Place - Winner of the 'Brown In Hand Print'
    Jason Tinling
2nd Place - Winner of the Hex Fishing Tee & 'Apache Trout' Print
    Gardening Boots 
1st Place - Winner of the original Cutthroat Trout Painting
    Brian from Fishing Journal

Congrats to the winners.  I will be contacting you over the next few days to get the details on shipping your items.  For the rest of you, thanks again.


FoodGeekFish said...

A double dose of Joel D. artwork - happy spring to me!

cofisher said...

While I am disappointed, I'm happy that others get to share your great works of art Joel. Congrats to the Winners.

Anonymous said...

Exciting for all the winners! For us losers, well, we will just have to scrape up cold hard cash. Thanks, Joel!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Super excited about this! Thanks, Joel. I'm honored!

Anonymous said...


I emailed the address on your google+ profile with my mailing address. Can't wait to put that on my wall!