Friday, December 28, 2012

Fly Friday - Snook & a Thanks to Fall River Flyrods & the OBN

    Its Fly Friday again and that means another post.  This morning I got up and had a few moments free so went to go get my coffee and that is when I realized I needed to do a post today.  Okay... I didn't need to do a post, after all this is just a hobby, but I decided to stick with my commitment to this blog thing and do one anyway.  Sketching out this Snook took only a little bit of time but it allowed my daughter and me to enjoy some quality time at the kitchen table; she with her sketch pad and me with mine.  Unfortunately after this I am off yet again to my day job and a schedule that will beat the life out of me in the next month.
    Also I will take this time to formally thank both Fall River Flyrods and the Outdoor Blogger Network for providing the opportunity to not only fish with a one of kind masterpiece but for this LUCKY angler to actually own it.
    I have been telling everyone I know (whether they wanted to hear about it or not) about how lucky I was to win this rod.  I just cant wait for it to get here and for me to take it out on the river and hook into some sweet gills.  Last year I fished this same rod on a few stretches of Chattooga river system but with the high reaching over 100 degrees it was a tough time.  For you that follow this humble anglers blog, look forward to a year of posts involving this fly rod because I plan on fishing it a lot.  My only hope is that I don't break it on the first trip out.  That would kill me.
    Please take the time to visit this great rod manufacturing team at Fall River Flyrods and see all they have going on.  It you are looking for QUALITY, and we all are, then check them out.


Blake said...

im sure youll have the rod for many years to come, hope it builds some great memories for you

Anonymous said...

Joel, what a great way to begin 2013 with this great rod. I am sure you will have many a good time and build lots of memories of fishing with this rod to share with your daughter someday.

cofisher said...

Joel, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...well actually it could have, but didn't.

Feather Chucker said...

I look forward to the posts Joel.

Darren said...

That's an awesome way to end the year Joel. Looking forward to seeing lots of posts with the new stick gratuitously stuck into every photo.

Peter Patenaude said...

What a way to begin the New Year- I am looking forward to seeing it in a sketch or two.