Monday, December 17, 2012

(Updated)Art Clearance - All Under $45, Tenkara - Sketches - Flies

"Patrol" 8x10 Watercolor Charcoal Pencil Sketch - $45
    As I mentioned in the past, I am stocked full of sketches and paintings and with the holidays just around the corner I thought this might be a chance to clear out a few from my cluttered studio.  What this means for you is that these are priced to sell.  The sketch above - titled "Patrol" is a favorite of mine but it has been wasting away in a folder for years and it is time to let somebody else enjoy it.
   If you would like to purchase any of these works just shoot me and email and I'll send out a paypal invoice for you.  As always -Paypal invoices can be payed via a paypal account or any major credit card.
"Horse & Cowboy" 8x6 Watercolor Charcoal Pencil - $14
"Bamboo" 4x5 in Watercolor - $20
"Fujiaka Kabari" Tenkara Fly  4x5 Watercolor - $10
"Sakasa Guj Kebari" Tenkara Fly 4x5 Watercolor -$10
"Purple & Orange" Tenkara Fly 4x5 Watercolor - $9
"Ginger Quill" 8x6 Watercolor -$10
"Beaded Nymph" 4x5 Watercolor - $10
"Feather & Three Flies" 8x10 Watercolor - $14
"Poor Sally" 5x7 Scratched Black Clayboard - $8
    If you are interested in any of the above pieces - Shoot me an EMAIL HERE and I will get an invoice out to you as soon as I can.  Once the payment is made I will then be shipping it out ASAP.
    After a few days I will be re-posting this sale on a separate page but after the 1st of January this deal will end.  Prices do not include a S&H charge of $5.65 which will be included on the final invoice.  Some of the paintings will come in their own mat while a few are just naked art.  Thanks for your support over the past year and may the coming Christmas holiday bring you and yours peace and joy.

Page Updated 12/22/2012


The FlyFishing BowHunter said...

I have cleared a space on my tying desk for the Adams fly painting that I won. It looks GREAT!!! Love what you do!!

Lance Milks said...


You continue to amaze me. I absolutely love all the fly water colors.

Blake said...

happy holidays and thanks for another great year