Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 2 In Southern WI

The Browns Amazing Color
Our day two on the southern Wisconsin streams did not start well for me but it ended with some stellar fishing.  Truth is, much of the day could not be expressed in words but luckily I have the pics so for this post it is pretty much just going to be a picture show so enjoy.
That mess of a fly is a large beadhead hairs ear
I nice Brown right after the release
This spring spilled right into a pool that held mountains of trout
This trout got hooked on a large red BeadHead Brassy.  I hooked quite a few on these # 12 flies.  After I lost the last one of these flies I had in the box with a bad back cast into five foot tall grass I switched it up to a smaller brassy which the trout never even looked twice at.  I eventual whipped out a white and red #14 Prince Nymph which hooked a few but by far the best luck came with the good old #12 red.  It wasn't till later when I was looking through the pics that I noticed the ribbon of blood running down the trouts mouth.  The way it looked in the pic it appeared that the Nymph was coming to pieces but I assure you this lovely brown was released relatively unharmed.  A little blood never hurt anything.

Besides the nymphs which the browns eagerly took, a few nice trout took to the air in search of the dries.  After trying many flies in the box I came to the realization that my box of dries just wasn't deep enough in the smalls.  I only had four or five dry flies under size 16 but as you can see from this little guy, 18,20, ans 22 sizes were what the trout really where after.  Next time I will come to the river prepared.

My buddy hooking yet another

In the end we caught a ton of fish, had a great time, and created some killer memories that will last with us a lifetime.  I was sure glad I made the trip, hurt hand and all.  If you have never fished in the southern area of Wisconsin before and you have the opportunity, TAKE IT!  I have never seen so many fish in so many miles of water.  We never really hooked into any huge monsters but we saw them and I know they are there.  Maybe next time I'll coax one to bit but for now I am satisfied with the amount I have hooked.
 After a long day we had a beer and took the opportunity to rest and eat a picnic table placed stream-side in memory of an angler you once stalked these same waters.  I could not think of a better tribute to that angler who I never knew than to pass on a place for future anglers to rest and reflect on a stream he obviously loved.  I drink a toast to you.


Mark Kautz said...

I caught a brown with the red on the fin just like that one. Your picture was a little better than my, though.


cofisher said...

Glad you're having a good time Joel. Any inspiration for a painting?

Daniel said...

Cool stuff.

Unknown said...

Mark. - I loved these browns, most of them had that red on the fin but that one was the most pronounced.

Howard. - you just might see something from that trip. It's been to long since I picked up the paints. The fishing has just been to good.

Daniel. - good to see another bass / fly fisherman visit my blog. Hope your back here better.

Unknown said...

Daniel. - hope your back 'gets' better..... Stinking autocorrect