Saturday, January 14, 2012

Classic Salmon Fly

Childers Salmon Fly
Just because I don't salmon fish doesn't mean I cant enjoy the absolute beauty of the flies that have been created to catch them.  There are literally hundreds of books dedicated to the salmon and the salmon flies.  To the untrained eye these flies can look fairly similar but when you delve deeper into their creation you begin to see all the unique characteristics that these flies so special.
Even among tiers of the same fly you can find variations that make the flies look completely different.  I did this Childers Salmon fly in a more sparse style.  I also used a iridescent paint that under a little light makes the paint really come alive.  As far as my experience tying these beautiful flies, my bench count is a big fat ZERO.  I mean, where am I going to fish these.  If I ever do sit down to tie one up it will be just for show and I will probably place it right under one of my paintings.
"Childers Salmon fly"
Gouache On Paper
For Sale
And here is an update on a recent painting I did for an anglers first Brown on a fly rod.  He didn't waste any time getting it framed and boy does it look sweet.  I had a slot cut in the mat and he ended up placing the fly he used to hook his memorable catch.
In truth, this type of project is a perfect example of why I started painting in the first place.  My first few paintings and sketches where of my fish.  Although I enjoy a good taxidermied wall hanger, I am still a big proponent of catch and release. 
 Unfortunately if you release the fish, you cant get a good wall hanger to remind you of that day.  My solution was to paint a few of my memorable catches from photographs and the walla - beautiful wall hanger.  Add in the fly that the fish was caught on and the memory is complete.  I would like to thank Mat for setting me to work on this piece for him.  May it hang on your wall for many years to come.
If you would like a similar wall hanger of a catch you have had, EMAIL me and I will see what I can do to help you out.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, that painting (and the fly) looks great! how cool!!!

Sanders said...

I've never fished salmon either, but have always been fascinated by it. Great fly, and great brown!


Matt said...

I stare at it everyday. A truly remarkable memory, thanks again Joel!

Unknown said...

Texwis girl - thanks for the support
Sanders - cheers back at you. Just another fish to add to the bucket list.
Matt - it was an absolute pleasure to do this for you and it makes me feel good that you are able to enjoy it for years to come. Thanks for letting me share in your memory.