Monday, November 29, 2010

Wool Sock Midge & Cyber Monday Special

Here is a rendition of a new fly made from my wives yarn she bought to make some warm fishing socks.  I call it simply my WOOL SOCK MIDGE.  It has a nice weave of four strands that are colored with a deep greens, olives, greys, and a hint of blue that are easily separated into midge size strands.  I saw a bit of it while tying up some flies and decided why the heck not.  I had meant to fish it on my last outing but forgot it in my tying box.  Next time I'll be sure to test it out on those rainbows.

Here is the fly I tied while just fooling around.  I know its not a great pic but for a cellphone it ain't bad and you get the idea right.


 If you buy TWO mated prints of your choice via the BUY A TROUT PRINT page at the top of this page, you will also get a 4x6 mated print of a fly free of charge.  I know it isn't much but hey, these prints are dirt cheap to begin with.

This offer is only good for purchases made today - Monday the 29th


Bigerrfish said...

great idea with the woll, I found a cat wisker on the floor the other day and got it wet, then wraped it as a body like a quill. It accually had pretty cool taper.
The sky is the limit..

Joel, I have been meaning to ask you if you are left handed?

Owl Jones said...

I love it! And from the looks of it, there is no way it CAN'T catch fish! Very cool!

Owl Jones said...

Alright, I can't pass up a deal like that. I just sent payment via paypal for 2 8 X 10's. On my end though, I didn't see a way to select 'em. I'd like the one with the three fish, and the brown in hand one please! The fly is up to you, but if you have something colorful that would be great!

Thanks for the deal! I can't wait to see 'em in person!

PS - what's the ballpark on buying originals?

Phil said...

Great use of color in this painting, I also like the loose linework in the hook and bead nice style.


Unknown said...

Bigerrfish - My wife died laughinng at the cat wisker thing, she doesn't understand. And I'm a right handed - Why?

Owl - thanks for the purchase and there is a place to leave instructions on the paypal purchase where you can designate the print desired but this works just as well. The prints are on the way.

Phil - Many thanks, I am hoping to test out my new wool bug in the next few weeks. I'll let you know if the real thing actualy catches fish or is only good for modeling.

cofisher said...

Joel, I didn't notice that you included the fly print. Thanks!! Again, I hope everyone purchases some of your beautiful work.