Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Bead Belly & A New Three Trout Print Available

 This little guy turned out great.  If you haven't tied with a starling feather, try this little guy with a long sparse Starling hackle and pearl bead and wing. 

Also I have added a new print to my BUY A PRINT page.  Check it out.

Brookie, Bow, Brown Print

If you got a few moments, check these guys out. Yet another smaller store I like instead of those Big Box chain stores.

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Owl Jones said...

Beautiful work! I've linked to you over at FFSBR and as soon as I find work, I'm going to keep you busy! Watercolors that good at those prices? A steal, if ever there was one! I can't wait to commission my first work from you, sir! Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Owl, Thanks for the kind words and the post / link. I look forward to throwing a bit of paint on paper for you.

Troutdawg said...

Incredible work and I will definitely send a few your way for the Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving

Unknown said...

Look forward to it troutdawg. Have a good one.