Sunday, November 7, 2010

BWO Parachute & Rainbow Skin

 As promised here is the second BWO, this time its a Parachute BWO.  Tomorrow you get one more BWO so be sure to check back.

I was also doing a bit of study work the other day by request and worked on a little Rainbow Trout Skin.  No fly, No head, And No fins but if this painting were done full scale it would look fairly good as a bumper sticker.  This painting however is only a study and quite small and flawed.  hopefully I can go large scale someday.
2.5in x 8in.


cofisher said...

Joel, I'm going to go broke trying to decide what I'd like to buy. I want them all! Beautiful work. I'll get my wife to help me make a decision and be in touch. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words Cofisher. Let me know what your wife decides.