Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sulfur Para Emerger

According to Orvis this Mayfly can be tied with the following recipe:
-Hook short shank nymph size 14-22
-Thread Cream 8/0
-Wood duck flank for Tail
-Rib mad from rootbeer krystal flash
-Wing post from yellow foam
-Ginger grizzly hackle
-Abdomen made from pale olive dubbing
-Thorax of dark Antron dubbing.

Mine is a mix of yellow, brown, and red paint applied in a form somewhat similar to what the finished fly might look like. The Orvis fly might be of more value.


Bigerrfish said...

this fly looks great! I like your version much better and your hook selection is going to get a better set.. If I were to tie a para emerger I would use the hook you have in your painting and your yellow looks more fishy than orvis olive

Unknown said...

Thanks once again bigerrfish.