Friday, April 23, 2010

Nice Rainbow Trout


Here is a painting of a nice rainbow trout. The idea for this painting came from fellow Blogger Bigerrfish, and his picture of a rainbow he recently caught (hope you don't mind Josh). Also for todays post I've decided to post the evelution of painting this small work. If you look close there is a very small fly in his lip.
First the Pencil Sketch.

Then add a little paint.

Drop in a few spots. Got to have the spots.

Then finish with a load of detail. For the bigger paintings I usualy follow a similar process but add more detail and invest more time into it. This painting is very small for the subject but serves well as a study for future works. I hope you enjoy and thanks again Josh.


Colorado Angler said...

Very nice! This is a great piece Joel. And right on to Josh! Duuuude! You inspired a painting! That rocks!

Unknown said...

Thanks Colorado, glad you like it.

Bigerrfish said...

Joel, I must have a print of it my friend!!!! send me the bill!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Joel, and the great fisherman "biggerfish" is my son :)