Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Drake Para Emerger

Another Emerger - The variations of this type of fly are endless.

Spent half a day in Little Rock and went down town to the Flying Fish for eats and drinks. (Tried to go to the Gander mountain but the hotel van driver said 8 miles was to far.) On a few of the walls they had the Bass Addoption wall of fame. I guess the rule is if you bring in a Billy Bass they give you a place to put it on the wall and you get a free plate of catfish. Next time I see one of these babies at a flee market for 1.50$ I'm buying it for the next time I'm in Little Rock.

My wife says that I have a habit of ordering the most interesting thing on any menu I see. I suppose that she knows me pretty well. Ive has snails, various sushi dishes, and even a few Belize termites (they taste like mint). For that have seen my brothers blog I guess it kind of runs in the family, I have never gone Bear Grills on a rattler but if the situation presents itself, I'll definitely try a plate of snake. In the meantime I tried these babies..... These are not chicken wings. I'll let you figure out what they are. By the way they are tasty!!


Bigerrfish said...

Frog legs???? they look jumpy!! nice drake!!

Unknown said...

You got it. First time having these and they were Great!