Monday, March 17, 2014

Assault Angler Graphic and Antler Sheds

    Messing around with the sketch pad yesterday I came up with this salt fishing graphic.  After working on Angler 360's logo and graphics for their product line, I fell in love with working on salt fishing graphics.  No doubt that many of you near the sea have seen the deluge of 'Salt Life' decals on the back of trucks but If you are like me then you are a little tired of them.
  I'm not saying that they are bad, I'm just saying that it is no longer original to have a decal on your truck that everyone else has.  This graphic however says it all.
  Next month I plan on spending a little time hunting Speckled sea trout and reds off the Carolina coast from the deck of a kayak so it is fair to say my head is in a salty state of mind.  For all of you out there that hunt fins from the deck of a flats skiff, I figure that this graphic might speak to you.
It goes without saying that if you would like to use this graphic - please contact me for purchasing and usage rights.

  On a completely separate subject.  The other day I took my kids out exploring and my little boy spotted this gem in some isolated woods.  I know there is guys out there that pay big money for dogs that can hunt up shed like this one but for my money I will take my little Eagle eye boy any day.  For a little kid that loves the outdoors it was a find of a lifetime.  I love living in the south!


Feather Chucker said...

That is cool. Your creativity astounds me.

Swamp Yankee said...

Assault.. A-Salt angler. Sweet. If I can ever afford a striper boat, its getting named Sea-Ward! Happy st.pats!

Jay said...

I remember reading somewhere (don't know who or where), that "every time someone puts a salt Life sticker on a vehicle, a Permit dies"... and I would say Permit could easily be replaced by Tarpon, Bonefish, Redfish, etc. Even when you're not really that close to the coast (Birmingham, AL) you still see a whole lot of Salt Life stickers... and I have serious doubts that very many are actually living that life.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kevin

I thought about that swap Yankee but it just didn't look as sharp with the font. I like the name of your dream boat.

Jay - I've never heard that but I will concur that more likely 'salt life' sticker owners like the idea of a 'salt life' instead of actually living the life. Nothing wrong with that I guess, its just not my style.

Mark Kautz said...

Once a year or so I wander our 5 acres looking for sheds. I've found 1 in 10 years and it only had 2 points. Your son got a gem for sure.

Unknown said...

Mark - I've been hunting for years and never found one but my boy has keen eye sight and a knack for seeing thing no-one else sees.

Jay said...

I forgot to say that I have only ever found one shed as nice as the one your son found in almost 30 years of walking in the woods... and I've only ever found 3 total! I average like 1 per decade. The boy is very lucky... or he just has better eyes than any of us.