Friday, January 13, 2012

Lightload Towels Review

I recently was lucky enough to be sent a package of these Lightload Towels to try out from our friends over at The Outdoor Blogger Network.  As a responsible blogger and one always appreciative of free stuff I thought I'd share a few thoughts on these towels.
1: These things are a miracle of packaging.  Its amazing what they compress into such a small package.
2:  Extremely portable.  As an avid day hiker and occasional overnight back packer, these little babies have everything you look for in a backpacking towel.
3:  Fairly absorbent for their sizes.  I wouldn't use the smaller towel (I got the .3oz 12"x12") for a beach blanket but I would use it for about everything a standard hand towel would be used for.
4:  Disposable.  Unlike the hand towel I usually carry, these towels can be used and abused and then disposed of after a trip - or dry them out and use it as a fire starter during the trip. 
In short these little towels do what the advertise and at a price worth the trip.  These 12"x12" are only just over $2.50 for a package of two towels.  I wouldn't expect you to start hanging them in your bathroom or kitchen but  on the trail or on a camping trip, these are killer.  I think that I might try out there larger beach towels on the next camping trip to the beach.   Check these guys out next time you plan to hit the trail.

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