Friday, October 14, 2011

More Florida Surf Fishing

Just sharing a few more pics of my mornings catches. In just over2 hours I hooked into well over 40 fish on nearly any type of fly I flung at them.  I even hooked into this massive beast that stripped my line to its backing, took half a dozen giant leaps and tossed my fly in one last wave of the fin. Seriously, this guy was huge and strong but as I never had a photo, it just another fish story. Next time I tell it the fish will be pushing 10 pounds and it will probably morph into a legendary tarpon.  Regardless, this trip has been a blast and one the family and I will always remember.


Mark Kautz said...

Hey joel. I did a lot of fishing when I lived in Florida and you are 100% right about the good fishing there. Keep having fun.


Brk Trt said...

More salty fish.
The brookies won't like it.

Way to go.

David McKenzie said...

Love me some jacks and lady fish. Where are you at? East Coast?

Unknown said...

Shoreman - Had a Great time. Now I know why so many love the 'salt life'.
BrkTrt - They will have to deal with it. I'm sure I'll be back at them this fall.
David Mckenzie - East Coast just below Tampa Bay on Anna Maria Island. Condo was overlooking the bay and across the road from the Gulf. Best of Both worlds without ever having to get into a car!!!

Jeff Ryan said...

Spent some time on Sanibel Is. a couple years ago. Looks like very similar type of fish and fishing... I love the salt too.