Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golden Trout Winner

Congratulations to Karel, a wandering Tenkara fisher who is now fishing the streams of Colorado, and the recent winner of this painting of a vibrant Golden Trout.  Karel was chosen using a Random Number Generator by a neutral party .
I had to chuckle when I saw the winner was Karel of because he was actually the recipient of a work I recently created to honor his Tenkara style Bee.  If you have yet to visit his site then do yourself a favor and click on over to see the great thing he has going on over there. 
I have been asked on a few occasions to paint this beautiful trout and in the future I will probably endeavor to paint a large work on this subject.  This painting was actually done with a newer type of watercolor that has a more vibrant color to it than the watercolors I have been using.  It turned out great and I am sure that I will be using a lot more of it in the future.  As for the actual fish, it is great looking trout and is on my life list of species I want to catch.
Thanks to all of you that entered the contest and the many followers that visit on a regular basis.  You support and your contribution to the online fishing community is very much appreciated.

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TenkaraOnTheFly said...

Yeah! I am proud to add another of your paintings to my collection! I admire your artwork very much.