Monday, February 7, 2011

Tenkara Fishing (Kind Of) & The Big Bowl

This is the Tenkara style fly "Takayama Sakasa Kebari".  Tied in the familiar Tenkara styled reverse hackle, I have fished this with great success for rainbows holding in a deep bend pool and recommend it.  Most of my readers know of Tenkara and regardless of if you are a addict to the new - old style of fly fishing are mildly curious about it, you should check out both the and for info into this great form of fishing. 
As far as me doing a bit of Tenkara fishing lately, I did participate in a bit of it this morning - sort of.  As you can see I got a whopper to the right, this beauty was caught on my little boys rotating fish pond.  He eventually out fished his old man but I think he was using bait on the end of that plastic pole.  In the end fun was had by all and if he recovers from his cold soon I hope I can take him to daddy's secret pond to do the real thing. 

Also as a Green Bay fan - I just lost everyone from Pennsylvania for ever - I'd just like to voice my excitement that the VLT will be returning to its home up in the great white north.  It was a heart stopping game I was glad to be off work to watch.  It was a joy to see two classic, old school teams battle in a game that had echos back to the days of leather helmets and minimal pads.  In the End the Pack won out but the Steelers have nothing to hang their heads about.  Now with football done all I got is fishing to fill the time till August rolls around again. 

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Feather Chucker said...

I went out yesterday. It was sunny and warm maybe 60. No bass. A friend caught a few with rubber worms.