Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ink Bass Popper

Because there is more than just trout out there, here is a quick bass bug. Take heart trout enthusiasts, I have read accounts from avid fly fishermen that said although the Popper is classified as a bass bug it is also quite deadly on monster browns. ( I have no personal account to give you to back this up.)  I was wondering if any others out there have tried a Popper on trout waters?  I do know bream love them but they often go after a naked hook.  (As they say down south...They ain't so smart...)

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Bigerrfish said...

Joel, I fish a hopper popper for trout most of the summer, tricky to fish for trout because, I dont think they like the noise, but if you fish it quietly or atleast tell yourself your trying, then Its quite effective!! I also spend summer evenings at a local pond beating on the bass with more traditional Poppers that I make,,, I'll send you a picture of the hopper popper.