Sunday, June 21, 2015

Old School Art & Being P.C.

I passed through Knoxville a little while ago and came across a few examples of some old school art on southern money.  For all those out there complaining that there has never been a woman on our paper currency, (Sacagawea has her own dollar coin in case you forgot) I say look to the past and look to the south.  The Ocoee Bank Of Tennessee not only placed a southern bell on their $10 note, they also included a Native American and an African American (and two horses).  I'm not a big fan of removing key founding fathers from our national currency in the name of political correctness (anyone who knows me knows P.C. is a not my forte anyhow) but if we ever issue a new denomination, I am fine with a deviation from the norm.  I nominate Sitting Bull for a new $25 note, Betsy Ross for the $75 note and, G.W. Carver for the $150 bill.  Who's with me?  How cool would a $25 bill be?


Mark Kautz said...

I think the problem with the Sacagawea Dollar was it being the same size as a quarter. The same with the gold dollar (in case you haven't seen one). If they made a "dollar" the size of the old silver dollar, it might just take. To get some different denominations it would take an act of congress and I don't think they can handle the concept. In fact, I don't think they can handle very many concepts at all.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I believe you are correct Mark. They would probably have a 3 day debate on the color of the sky. I can't even imagine them passing a bill to get a new denomination in our currency.