Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Quail Stippling Illustration

    I have been experimenting with dots lately and got inspired to do a little bit of dot sketching outside my usual fish subjects.  A recent client of mine asked if I have done any birds in watercolor and I immediately thought back to the Pheasant and the California Quail I did a few years ago.  Of course I have also done various song birds and even a few mallard ducks (which currently hang in my hallway) but they are still a bit different than my favorite subject - the trout.
    That being said, birds offer another layer to my art that a trout just can't.  They also contribute to the scope of what I consider myself to be - a sporting / outdoor / nature artist.
   The butterfly was done a few months ago and also falls into the category of my love of nature.  For many people, the butterfly is about the only beautiful insect out there but as a fly fisherman, I see striking similarities between the butterfly and the mayfly.  I venture to guess that most people have never looked past the wings of a butterfly to see the insect body holding it all together.
 Both these illustrations are for sale, just shoot me an email.

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