Sunday, August 25, 2013

Morning At The Hunting Grounds

This past weekend my buddy  and I made a trip to our hunting grounds to prep the land for the upcoming hunting season.  As the farm also holds two very nice ponds I was not going to waste an opportunity to wet a fly so at sun-up we headed out with weed eaters, rototillers, and fishing equipment.
After a strenuous time tilling up a patch of land that had laid dormant for many years, we spread out the seeds of field clover and tasty grasses then proceeded to work them into the soil.  This little bit of manual labor took us most of the morning and every time I embark on an activity like this I cant help but appreciate how hard early settlers must have had it turning virgin soil into a cash crop.  We had a gas rototiller and I still lost five pounds of sweat and got a blister or two to prove how hard fresh soil can be.  Imagine doing it with mules and a single blade plow.... amazing.

So with a good mornings work behind us we grabbed our fishing gear and decided to reward our selves with a little time on the water.  Unfortunately the massive amounts of rain we have had down here in the south this summer has all but killed water conditions.  Our ponds which are usually a dark clear color with four foot visibility now are so high and stained that a bass would be had pressed to see a few inches.  With the water invading the banks nearly a foot past high water level I am sure that they hare having a good time invading weed beds and brush piles but unfortunately that makes for frustrating fishing.  despite all that, I did manage to get a few strikes and even brought in a small bass.  My buddy on the other hand came up empty and quickly decided to call it a day.
One things for sure, come opening day we will be well set up for good hunting season.  I'm looking forward to a winter of deer stew.  If the summer is any indication, I am expecting a cool and stormy December and a warm stew is just what the doc ordered to lift ones spirits.

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Mark Kautz said...

Hi Joel. Recently, we've had this skinny deer interested in our vegetable plants on the porch. She could use a little of your Clover field.