Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fish Illustration Plus Extras

I just thought I would show off a few of my recent illustrations using my new computer software and illustration tablet.  The sketch above of a stylized brookie was a quick idea I inked out over coffee in the morning then loaded it in the old computer to mess with and create a more dynamic piece then the original sketch could ever have been as a stand alone piece.  I was going for a more modern pop art style while keeping a color palette compatible with the standard outdoorsman decor.

Still trying to figure out all the ins and out of doodling on the computer, I worked on a few other images just to get in some practice.  A few of my other interests besides fly fishing are aviation, vintage art design, and anything old.  With all that in mind I created two works of illustration art.
For the Aviate work I sketched out a World War One pilot in his cockpit then went in a did a little graphic design work to spice it up a bit.
For the Old School Rally I again sketched out a graphic depiction of the main character purposefully leaving out a few of the cycle elements.  I wanted to practice creating vintage event poster effects and I couldn't think of anything better than a classic motorcycle rally.  Honestly, there is nothing cooler right now than the classics and a vintage motorcycle racer is as classic cool as you get.
(don't look for this event in Albany, IL.  The Albany Rally does not exist.)


Nick D said...

Looking fantastic, Joel!

Anonymous said...

Albany doesn't but what about Cordova?

Howard said...

Wow, I can think of a million ideas for that new software. Nice job Joel.