Saturday, August 17, 2013

Messing With Bass Bones

  Skulls and skeletons seems to be all the rage these days as far as art and tattoos go so with that in mind I decided to jump on the wagon and sketch up this dead bass.  I finally decided to get myself a graphics tablet for my computer art and needed the practice using it.  Sketching the lines and curves of a skull seemed to be a great subject and since I love to fish I thought a bass skull would be a great model.
    Names for the Pub sign I passed on where Sticky Bass Pub, Bad Bass Ale House, and The Dead Fish Inn.  Who wants a sign?
I also went a little crazy after that and sketched the whole fish.  I wont claim that it is anatomically correct so don't email me to point out the there is suppose to be four more bones on the anal fin of a typical bass.  Again, I needed the practice using the tool and sometimes I just get carried away.
I then decided to mess around a little more and explore new ideas in the computer and craft a bass sticker.  I  don't know... can you see this on the back of a die hard bass fisherman pickup truck?


FinFollower said...


I think it is great! - let me know when it is a sticker or t-shirt. Hope your summer is going well.


cofisher said...

I'm not an affectionado of tatoos or skulls, but I know good artwork when I see it.

Josh said...

Man, if that was a decal . . .

Unknown said...

Leigh - Thanks, The summer did its best to wear me out. Glad to see your still wetting flies at FinFollower!

Howard - Fish and deer skulls are about the only skulls I find cool but you wont catch me getting a tattoo any of them.

RiverWalker - Thanks but unless somebody purchases the rights and prints them on their own all you got is this blog post.