Monday, May 6, 2013

Trout Designs For The Fashionable Angler

   Its time for a few more examples of what I have been working on when I am not working or fishing.  Last year I had the pleasure of hunting big Speckled Sea Trout with a fly rod down in Florida and when a buddy of mine sent me pics of his catch I felt the flood of memories coming back.
    The thing I remembered most about the sea trout I had hooked into was their fangs.  For a guy that is use to the sandpaper mouths of browns and rainbows the sight of the fangs in a sea trouts mouth was enough to send shivers down my arm while trying to remove the fly.
    I have come to find that these coastal trout have a dedicated bunch of followers much like us land locked anglers stalk big browns.  Those speckled trout anglers watch the tides and the weather like a seasoned poker player waiting for just the right time to go all in.
  In honor of those hunters of the fanged trout I worked up a few images I thought might strike a cord.
    Of course if I put these illustrations on a blank canvas I feel that the point is missed so I went ahead and placed a few of them on the proper backdrop.  Thanks to the internet and the numerous websites specializing in teeshirt designs I was able to use a teeshirt as the proper canvas for this type of artwork.

  And finally with all these tools at my disposal I couldn't help but test out my recent painting on this background.  The line below the happy brown trout says it all.



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Nice looking shirts. I'd buy one!