Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sketching A Mean Bass

    ITS All About the Bass!!
I got out the paints this morning but just wasn't feeling it so I tossed out the pad of watercolor paper and took out the sketch book.  With the intent of sketching out a tribal bass I ended up with this edgy skeleton bass.  Its quite a departure from my normal stuff but it was fun to work on and it was a great way to spend some down time on a cloud covered morning.
    After sketching it out I took it to the computer and got to work altering it and just having fun with it.  If I was a tattoo kind of guy I think this would be a killer piece of ink.
  The original image as you can see is just a simple line drawing.  Using a pencil I sketched out the basic shapes and design then with my artist pens I began the inking in process.  Before I load it into the computer I make sure all the lines connect and will be easily converted to a vectored line format.  I could do all this on the computer but I am a firm believer in the old school of doing things by hand.  I have found that if I want a computer image to work with for an advertising of company logo project, I need to start with a pen and ink drawing.  Paper scketches are easily altered and I can get a much better feel of how I want the finished piece to look.
  Once it is completed on the paper then I can do whatever I want to in the computer.  Adding slogans and company names is then easily added and altered.   It also is then easily added to shirt designing software.  I designed this bass fishing fleece using one of the numerous shirt design site available on the internet.


Unknown said...

Joel, if I wanted to use this drawing in a logo, what would be the cost to obtain the vector art and rights? Thanks! Danny

Unknown said...

Danny, shoot me an email or facebook message when you get a chance and we'll work something out. thanks for the inquiry.

ladylinen said...

I'm also interested in using the vector of this bass. Not sure how to contact you.