Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brown Trout In Spawning Colors

  Its been far to long since I painted a trout so today with the rain coming down and a little Yonder Mountain String Band on the player I sketched out yet another Brown Trout. I bet I have painted about thirty plus of these beautiful trout over the years but it never gets old.  Like all anglers, I just cant get enough of them either in the water or on the paint.
 As with most of my works it all starts out with a fairly clear idea of what the basic painting should look like so with that in mind I sketch it out.  Over the years I have improved this process.  I use to sketch out so many details, trying to plan out every paint stroke but over time I have found out the minimum amount of pencil marks needed for a final painting.
  It is a simple fact that the beauty of a brown trout in full spawn colors is one of the most amazing palettes of color in the natural world.  It is for this reason that I choose the brilliant yellows and oranges in my paint box to paint most of my brown trout.
  After dropping in some clean water into the area I want to paint I then begin building up colors from yellows, oranges, and olive greens for the back.  Pre-wetting the paper before I add the paint allows me to blend the colors easily.  It also makes for a good boundary for where I don't want paint to flow.
  I also opted for a little background pigment on this painting.  Mixing in a little blue with some of the same colors I used on the fish I let them flow naturally along the edges of the fish.  I also began the process of lifting off some of the pigment around areas where I wanted the spots to go.  This adds a faint halo of color similar to what a fresh caught brown displays.
  The finished painting measures roughly 7x9 and fits very nicely in a 11x14 mat cut with a 8x10 opening.

    "Brown Trout"
         Spawning Colors
Size        -7in x 9in
Medium  - Watercolor on paper
Availability - FOR SALE

I would love to keep this one but honestly I have a ton more clogging up the studio corners and I just don't have the room.  If you are interested just shoot me an email.  As always this painting will come in its own mat and backing board.


Jay said...

Nice piece.


Beautiful colors.... I really have a thing for Mr. Brown Trout!

cofisher said...

I don't know where you even find the time Joel. This is stellar!

Unknown said...

Jay - thanks

Miss Damsel - I have seen you coax many an unwitting Mr Brown to hit your fly over the years. To them you are a siren of the shore.

Howard - believe me, it doesn't come without effort. The art of sitting still has never been a strong trait in my family.